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Turnkey Laboratory Services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Turnkey is a service in that project is design, construct, supply, built and installation of fully complete and ready to use and operate.

  • In the Turnkeyservices quality is a key concern that directly impacts your customers or users. Without a risk management plan, your project can suffer in unexpected ways. The optimization of interfaces is ensured in the process, succeeding right from the start.
  • Communication and the security surrounding it are critical aspects of creating a team that collaborates well.
  • Before you can build a project, you need to decide what exactly the project is, what its scope is, and what you hope to achieve by your project.
  • Without a solid understanding of what your costs are in a project, the project can quickly fail and become unprofitable. Costs are comprised of all the resources required to carry out a project, including the people and equipment that do the work and the materials consumed as the work is completed.

About Us

Joyous Inc. offers value engineered turnkey laboratory solution to fit your project requirements.

  • Joyous Inc. providing complete integrated Laboratory Turnkey Solutions for the following industries: Pharmaceutical Ind., Chemical Ind., Medical Research Laboratories, School & Collages laboratories, Automobile Ind., Food / Dairy / Ice Cream Ind., and Environmental Testing Laboratories accompanied by design, planning, manufacturing, Site coordination, installation and erection as well as complete site management.
  • We are a “one-stop” solution provider for integrated laboratory turnkey solutions this will help the client to have a single point of contact for the entire duration of the project from design to project execution.
  • We have vast experience with a strong team of contractor-partners and qualified professionals, to manage and deliver high-quality products and services by optimizing timelines, application of specialized skillset, and accelerating construction schedules.


Our Key Points of Project Success

  • Providing optimized design for Cost-effectiveness
  • Supply High-Quality Products and Services for Quality Satisfaction
  • Flexibility & Site co-ordination for Easy Site Installation
  • Timely completion of projects for Long Term Relationship

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