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Turnkey Laboratory Solutions, Turnkey Lab Projects Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

1. Clean Room Solution

A Clean Room is an enclosed space in which the concentration of airborne particles, Contaminants and pollutants are kept within limits. Cleanrooms are typically used in manufacturing or scientific research.

Joyous Inc. provide complete range of cleanroom Partition, Ceiling and Furniture system.

a. Modular Panel:

Partition panels are design &manufactured in standard sizes and can also be customized as per the client’s requirements and space available. It is made from GPSP sheet with PUF (Polyurethane Form), Honey Comb and Rock Wool fill in. Panels are available in various thicknesses as per the clean room classification and application.


b. Ceiling:

Ceiling panels are design and manufactured to sustain the load of lighting, wiring etc. Ceiling panels are suspended from the main ceiling. There are two types of ceiling available (i) Walkable Ceiling (ii) Non walkable Ceiling. Ceiling panels are available in STD thicknesses as per the clean room classification and application.

c. Door:

Joyous Inc. provides wide range of double skin metal doors for Clean Rooms applications. The doors are available in swing and sliding constructions. Also door is equipped with Heavy-duty SS 304 hinges, SS D Handle, Door closer, Lock, Drop seals (at the bottom), Concealed tower bolt for a double door and door gasket for air leak proofing.

d. Accessories:

Joyous Inc. provides the accessories required for cleanroom construction are:

  • View Panels
  • Coving
  • Supply & Return Air Risers
  • Grill for Risers

e. Cleanroom Equipment:

Joyous Inc. offer following cleanroom equipment as per client requirement:

  • Pass Box – (i) Static Pass Box, (ii) Dynamic Pass Box
  • SS Furniture – (i) Trolley, (ii) Rack (iii) Shoe Rack (iv) Cross over Bench (v) Apron Cabinet (vi) Locker (vii) SOP Stand (viii) Stool (ix) Computer Table (x) Canteen Table Etc.
  • Supply & Return Air Risers
  • Grill for Risers

2. Aluminium Partition work

Generally partition is built up to divide the one big room in to the many rooms. There are various types of partitions are available.

Joyous Inc. offer aluminum partition work service for commercial and industrial facilities. We prefer to use sections from STD. Company to get height quality, strength and durability of the partition. We can make and supply Al. partition work  in following manner like: Al. Half Glass Partition & Al. Full Glass Partition.


3. Ceiling Work

There are most of the commercial and industrial buildings use false ceiling to cover up the electrical wiring, piping and HVAC ducting including cassette A/C. False ceiling is a good sound absorber. This false ceiling can be constructing between the main ceiling and floor, also it is suspended from main ceiling via G.I. Channels and Angles.

Mainly two type of ceilings – Grid and Plain. False ceiling can be constructed from many materials like: Gypsum sheet, POP (Plaster of Paris) Sheet, Wood etc.

Joyous Inc. offer false ceiling work services for commercial and industrial facilities. Our skilled and experienced installers perform the service to ensure proper application and product durability and strength.


4. Epoxy Flooring Work

Epoxy is based on a combination of resins and hardeners. When they mixed together, both the material will be rigid / harden by chemical reaction between them. The final is strong, durable, anti-fatigue and can be easily rolled-out on the cement without mortar or glue. Epoxy coating makes renders concrete exceptionally durable. It also protects the surface from the moisture, stains, grease and cracks.

Joyous Inc. offer epoxy flooring services for commercial and industrial facilities. Our skilled and experienced installers perform the service to ensure proper application and product durability. Epoxy flooring preferred for following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Kitchens & Food Preparation Areas
  • Retail Stores

5. Electrification work

Electrical system has been one of the best parts of the Joyous Inc. in their turnkey solutions.  We deal in laboratory electrical service in a positive closely controlled, well-Managed & Professional manner. We offer electrical work on electrical equipment in following area:

  • Laboratory equipment wiring
  • Laboratory Lighting & Power distribution
  • Complete cabling work (Cable Tray fixing, Cable Routing, Gland Connections)
  • HV, MV & LV distribution Panels
  • Data & Voice cable Distribution
Electrification Work

6. Utility Piping Work

There are various kinds of utilities required in the laboratory and cleanroom for the intended process as per the customer requirements.

We offer following such utilities on the bases of rich experience in supply and erection with proper site co-ordination.

  • Lab Utility piping and distribution System
  • Ultra-pure water Plants (DM, RO, DI, etc.)
  • Fume Exhaust ducting work (Galvanize [GI], PP FRP and Stainless Steel [SS])
  • FRP Lining work

7. Painting Work

Basically painting is require protecting the surface, by applying paint, varnishes and other coatings to a variety of materials and surfaces.

We have an industry specialty, such as Office building painting, Pipeline painting, Machinery painting, Wood painting, etc. There are following activities we follow during painting work like…

  • Cleaning and Preparation of Surfaces
  • Preparation of Paints
  • Apply Paint on the prepared surfaces
  • Cleaning of working Areas
Painting walls in room with ladder. 3d rendering

8. Structural Work

Mainly Structure is required to cover the work area as well as to protect the Machinery, Equipment from the weather.

Joyous Inc. design develops and builds customized steel structure solutions adapted to the specific requirements of the customers. We offer following services for the steel structural work.

  • Gas cylinder storage area
  • Sheds for Equipment
  • Structural Rooms
  • Steel Structural Work

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